Meeting Minutes and Agendas

Meeting Minutes – April 1, 2019

May 20, 2019


                                              MAY 6, 2019

The April 1, 2019 Borough Council meeting was held at the Borough office.

With following members present: Steve Daugherty, Ruthann Palacios, Blade Kline,

Marv Henise, Chris Grosh, Don Daugherty, Rosalyn McElhenny, Mayor Skip McElhenny.

Patron – Tom Hollabaugh

President: Daugherty opened the meeting at 7:30 P.M. with Pledge and invocation by Lyn

Sec. report was submitted: Ruthann made motion to accept, Lyn seconded. Motion carried.

Treas. Report was reviewed, Blade made motion to accept, Marv seconded. Motion carried.

Lt. Spingler from State Police was present to update council on calls from Sept 1, 2018 –

Mar. 26,2019 – 3 wrecks and 1 harrassment

Tom Hollabaugh complained about Sowers fence falling down.

Unfinished business

Lyn talked with Dallastown manager about their LED lights. They have 130

Don to get more information

Tree – Rod to do the tree this weekend.

Frys ave.  – will get estimates from different pavers

Sec. will send certified letters to Kefauvers, venables, and Hollabaugh in violation of

Abandoned articles ordinance.

New Business:                               

Marv will purchase a flag stand and flag for office.

Mayor is checking if all houses have numbers on front of their house.

Yard sale May 3 and 4

Chris made motion to pay bills, Don Seconded, carried

Ruthann made motion to adjourn, Don seconded, carried

Next mtg. May 6

Repectfully submitted, Juanita Smith, Sec.