Meeting Minutes and Agendas

Meeting Minutes – August 2022

October 21, 2022


                                                    September 6, 2022

The August 1, 2022 meetimg of Borough council was held at boro office with

All members present.

Pres. Steve Daugherty opened the meeting at 7:30 P.M. with pledge and invocation

By Lyn McElhenny’

Patrons Sandi Cunningham(LWT Manager) and Michele Lowe(LWT, zoning officer)

Were present to  present a multi municipal comprehension plan, asking Council

If interested.  At a cost of $5000. Implemented in 2024. Council will get back to them.

Sec. reported was submitted, Lyn made motion to accept, Ruthann Palacios seconded,

Motion carried.

Treasurer report was reviewed, Marv Henise made motion to accept, Chris Grosh,

Seconded,  motion carried.

Engineer  Chris Kraft stated MS4waiver application was submitted.

SMW  ordinance to be reviewed by CGA law firm and advertised, for adoption in OCT.

Buildingcommittee report—facing on porch needs down and railing needs installed.

Will hold back $500 until finished.

Landfill will pickup dumpster. Tim O’Donnell  will give boro check for $20,000.

KINSLEY will start 2nd week of Aug.

Have Keith  Flaharty mow Moyer property 1 time a month

Lyn will check with Stan Saylor about grant to get tech equipment.

Ruthann made motion to pay bills Lyn seconded. Motion carried.

Ruthann made motion to adjourn, Lyn seconded, motion carried.

Respectfully submitted, Juanita Smith, sec.