Meeting Minutes and Agendas

Meeting Minutes – February 2024

April 1, 2024

Yorkana Borough Minutes

March 11, 2024

The February 12th meeting was called to order by President Steve Daugherty at 7:30 pm., followed by an invocation from Lyn McElhenny.

Members present were Steve Daugherty, Ruthann Palacios, Marv Henise, Dave Bardo, Lyn McElhenny, Christine Grosh, and Jolene Kirsch. Absent was mayor Lloyd McElhenny.

Minutes from the previous meeting were read and amended to include Christine Grosh being named as Vice President of council, and the problem with the street light was corrected to 65 Main St, not 51 Main St.

The minutes were then passed on motion from Ruthann Palacios and 2nd by Lyn McElhenny.

The treasurer’s report was read and accepted on motion from Jolene Kirsch and 2nd by Ruthann Palacios.

Old business:

State Farm is still waiting on a bill from the cable company in reference to the downed speed limit sign. Marv is to follow up again with a phone call.

Received a letter from C.S. Davidson thanking the Borough for the opportunity to serve the Borough.

The Bulletin board has been received.

The Richmond property (the old school house) was given an extension until the end of January to clean up the property. Some work has been done on the property but not enough. It was decided for Juanita to send another letter to the property owners giving final date of March 3rd.  Members of council are to inspect the property after the deadline and report at next council meeting.

The two properties that had problems with water discharge were discussed. 41 Main Street had a full septic system and a contractor has been hired to handle the problem. 81 Main Street had wash water running into the driveway. They were told the discharge must be re-directed into septic system.

Marv checked into a lawn mower but being as it is the middle of winter this matter was put on hold.

The speed limit sign at the end of town is not working properly and needs re-calibrated. Marv will continue to try to get hold of the manager.

Don Hopple, the station chief at station 38 presented a year-end report to the council. There was a total of 291 call in 2023. The busiest time for calls was Tuesdays and Fridays. Mr. Hopple also approached the council to

discuss the idea of the Red Cross, Station 38 and the Borough council partnering to install smoke detectors in homes in the borough. The Red Cross would go door to door throughout the borough canvasing residents about the need for smoke detectors and to set up a time for the installation into individual homes. There would be no cost to the resident or to the borough.

Juanita advised that she submitted 3 reports to the state in January.

New Business:

Jolene advised that a new Judge of Elections would be needed since she is now on council. Information was given to Christine about the position and she to place information on the website.

67 Main St was discussed. The Codes Enforcement Officer needs to be contacted to learn the procedure to condemn the property. Once this has been done we are to contact the Fire Company. They will then mark the front of the property to make sure that no one enters.

A motion to pay the bills and future bills as the come in was made by Lyn McElhenny and 2nd by Marv Henise.

A motion to adjourn was made by Christine Grosh and 2nd by Ruthann Palacios.

Respectfully submitted

Jolene Kirsch

Asst. Secretary