Meeting Minutes and Agendas

Meeting Minutes February 5, 2018

June 25, 2018

Yorkana Borough Minutes

                                                       March 5, 2018

The Feb. 5,2018 Yorkana  Borough Council meeting was held at Borough office.

Following members present: Marv Henise, Don Daugherty, Chris Grosh,

Ruthann  Palacios, Lyn McElhenny, Mayor Skip McElhenny.

Absent: Steve Daugherty

Vice President opened the meeting at 7:30 P.M. with pledge and invocation by  Lyn.

Charley Hose III from fire co. asked  to approve a user agreement for a CAD WEB VIEW

From Dept. of Emergency services. Lyn made motion, Ruthann seconded. Motion carried.

Phil Smith, EMA coordinator was present to update council on Susquehanna ice jam, flooding,

Held Eastern Safety Meetings, and Active Shooter Training.

Lieutenant Trooper Palmer from State Police was present to give status report for 2017

There were 2 crashes, 3 burglaries, suggested we encourage residents to lock cars, sheds etc.

And have residents call them at 717-428-1011.

Secretary report was submitted: Ruthann made motion to accept, Don seconded, carried.

Treasurer report was reviewed: Lyn made motion to accept, Chris seconded, carried.

Unfinished Business:   taxes were filed with tax claim, 4 properties were on list.

Ms4 Waiver was approved.

Mae Jean Emenheiser house was abandoned by her sons, nothing can be done by boro

Unless taxes go delinquent and it goes for sheriff sale.

New Business: 2018 Taxes will be sent with newsletter on Feb. 15, and education flyer.

Council approved 2018 fund raiser events list for fire co.

Fire co. appreciation dinner invitation, skip, lyn, Ruthann, nita and kent will attend.

Spring Cleanup is May 2,  Community Yard Sale is May 4th and 5th.

Don made motion to pay bills, Ruthann seconded, carried.

Ruthann made motion to adjourn, Don seconded, carried.

Respectfully submitted, Juanita Smith, Sec.