Meeting Minutes and Agendas

Meeting Minutes for March 6, 2017

April 10, 2017
                                  YORKANA BOROUGH MINUTES
                                            APRIL 3,2017
          The March 6, 2017 Borough Council meeting was held at the fire hall with
          all members present.
          To comply with Ms4 regulations, a public meeting was offered to residents
          to inform them of stormwater regulations and answer questions from engineer, Chris Kraft.                                      No one attended except council members.
          President Daugherty, opened the meeting with Pledge and invocation by Lyn.
          Secretary report was submitted, Lyn made motion to accept, Ruthann seconded.
          Motion carried.
          Treasurer’s report was reviewed. Don made motion to accept, Lloyd seconded.
          Motion carried.
          Engineer stated April 1, start of new permits for NPDES FOR 2017
          Marv reported speed signs are up.
          Lyn taked with Brandon Fillmore about parking in borough bldg. driveway.
          New Business:
          Lyn called Republic Services about recycle pickup, they will pickup
          by 6 am,
          Marv and Don will remove fence from yard of bldg.
          Skip said he has a flag pole to be put in front yard.
          Discussion on putting up a sign in front yard also.
          Ruthann made motion to pay bills, Marv seconded.
          Don made motion to adjourn, Lyn seconded. Motions carried.
          Next meeting, April 3.
          Respectfully submitted, Juanita Smith, Sec.