Meeting Minutes and Agendas

Meeting Minutes, January 2, 2018

March 19, 2018

Yorkana Borough Council Minutes :

                                                February  5, 2018

The January 2, 2018 reorganizational meeting of Yorkana Borough Council was held

At Borough office.

Mayor Lloyd  McElhenny o pened the meeting at 7: 30 P.M. He issued the oath of office

To newly elected members, Ruthann Palacios, Marv Henise and Don Daugherty.

Mayor Lloyd Mcelhenny and Rossalyn McElhenny were previously sworn in

by notary.  Mayor opened the floor for nomination

Of President, Ruthann made motion to nominate Steve Daugherty , Marv seconded,

Motion carried.

President Daugherty then asked for nominations for V.P., Rosalyn nominated Marv,

Don seconded, motion carried.

Rosalyn made motion to appoint Juanita Smith as Sec/Treas. And Ruthann as her asst.

Motion carried

Chris Grosh made a motion and Marv Henise seconded to appoint the following :

Solicitor; CGA Professional center, Robert Strickler.

State Police

Zoning officer – David Sinopoli

Zoning enforcement – Code Administrators

Engineer – C.S. Davidson Inc  – Chris Kraft

Animal Control officer – Michelle Klugh

Animal Housing – SPCA-

Sewage Enforcement office– Keith Hunnings

Emergency Management – Phil Smith.  Boro reps  Rosalyn and Marv-

Eastern York Recreation Commission -Director,Roxanne Poff,  boro reps-   Lloyd and Nita  –

MS4- Steve Daugherty

Website – Christine Grosh

Snow Removal – -Francis  McGee

Mowing/Maintenace – Marv and Don

Garbage haulers – Republic Services

Zoning Hearing Board: Richard Hildebrand, Vance Fuller, Wendy Deardorff

Tax Collector – Juanita Smith

Motion carried.

President Daugherty led the Pledge of Allegiance, invocation by Rosalyn.

Secretary report was submitted, Chris Grosh made motion to accept, Marv

Henise seconded, Motion carried

Treasurer report was reviewed; Rosalyn made motion to accept, Don seconded

Motion carried.

Unfinished  Business:

Dettinger property pipe repair, marv and Don will repair when weather allows.

Ms4 plan submitted , deadline March 31,2018

Should hear about waiver soon

Meeting dates for 2018 were publishd.

New   Busomess;

Marv and Don will replace storm door on Blldg, weather permitting

Council gave Nita permission to purchase new laptop up tp $500

Concerns about Mae Jeam Emeheiser house being abandoned by her family

Nita will check on procedures.

Don Daugherty made motion to pay bills, Rosalun seconded, carried.