Meeting Minutes and Agendas

Meeting Minutes – July 1, 2019

August 4, 2019


AUG. 5, 2019


The July 1, 2019 Yorkana Borough council meeting was held at borough office with

Following members present; Marv Henise, Chris Grosh, Blade Kline, Ruthann Palacios,

Don Daugherty, Rosalyn McElhenny, Mayor McElhenny.

Absent; Steve Daugherty

  1. President Henise opened the meeting at 7;30 P.M. With pledge of allegiance

Sec. report was submitted; Ruthann made motion to accept, Blade seconded, carried.

Treas. Report was reviewed; Chris made motion to accept, Don seconded, carried.

Patron, Al Sadek was present, and Tom Hollabaugh.

Unfinished business;  trees on Janet Smith property, landfill tree contractors will

Look at her trees and trees at boro building. Marv and Nita will meet with Janet.

Pot holes on Fry save, waiting on landfill

HAZARDOUS MITIGATION PLAN- Lyn made motion to adopt resolution, Ruthann

Seconded.  Motion carried.

Tom Hollabaugh complained about grass strip by Paul Sowers fence, he refuses to

Mow as directed by Magistrate, because of debris.,

Stated he is working  on his car trailer.

Firemen’s convention will be held in Borough Aug. 16 and 17, with parade at

1 on the 17th. Borough will put up no parking signs.

Lyn reported on EYCEMA Meeting;

Paul Sowers came late to meeting to  complain about Hollabaugh, after heated

Discussion, Sowers threatened council and secretary stating he will come after us

And get rid of us. Marv Henise instructed him to sit down or leave.

A court trial is coming up between sowers and hollabaugh, sec. and mayor are

Being supoened to testify.

Lyn made motion to pay bills, Ruthann seconded, motion carried.

Ruthann made motion to adjourn, Blade seconded. Motion carried.

Next meeting, Aug. 5.

Respectfully submitted., Juanita Smith