Meeting Minutes and Agendas

Meeting Minutes, July 2015

August 3, 2015

AUGUST 3, 2015

The July 6, 2015 Borough council met at the Yorkana Fire Hall

Members Present: Jennifer Fahringer, Christine Grosh, Marvin Henise
Rosalyn McElhenny, Ruthann Palacios.

Members Absent: Bob Palacios, Steve Daugherty, Don Daugherty.

Pres. McElhenny opened the meeting at 7:30 P.M. with Pledge of
allegiance and invocation.

Secretary report was submitted: Ruthann made motion to accept, Jen
seconded, motion carried.

Treasurer’s report: Jennifer made motion to accept Marv seconded.
Motion carried.

Engineer report: MS4 annual report was sent. Copy to go to Steve.

No action from fire co. for land development.

Unfinished Business: Michael McElhenny started painting curbs, has
8 hours of time in. Will finish soon. More
yellow paint was purchased.

Banners: Marv will get estimate and Lyn will
contact Mark Pederson to set up a meeting with
Lyn and Marv to present estimate.

SEO- McElhenny property – design system was done.

New Business: Nims training, all council should take it, ICS -100 & 700
can be taken online –

EYARC – Past director Tim Smith pleaded guilty to felony charges. He
has 5 years to pay back Rec commission, and is on 5 yr. pro-
bation. Felony charge will stay on his record.

Tax collector – School bills and Per capita were mailed July 1.

Chris made motion to pay bills, Jennifer seconded, motion carried.

Ruthann made motion to adjourn, Jennifer seconded. motion carried.

Next meeting, August 3, 2015

Respectfully submitted, Juanita Smith, secretary