Meeting Minutes and Agendas

Meeting Minutes – March 4, 2019

April 1, 2019


                                                  APRIL 1, 2019

The March 4,2019 borough council met at borough office with following members

present: Blade Kline, Chris Grosh, Ruthann Palacios, Rosalyn McElhenny, Don

Daugherty, Marv Henise,  Mayor Skip McElhenny.        Absent: Steve Daugherty

Vice President Henise opened the meeting at 7:30 P.M. with pledge of allegiance And invocation by Lyn.

Sec. report was submitted,  Ruthann made motion to accept, Lyn seconded. Motion Carried.

Treasurer report was reviewed: Blade made motion to accept, Chris seconded, carried.

No engineer report.

Unfinished business:

Led street lights: sec. presented quotes from Met Ed.  Mayor will check with Dallastown, Mayor on wattage

Sec. will invite them to next meeting for more clarification.

Rod Weitkamp will cut tree down when weather clears.

Pot holes on Fry ave. to be finished when weather clears.

New business:

Ruthann made motion Don seconded to have solicitor draw up new sewage ordinance.   Motion carried.

Mayor will inspect properties for abandoned vehicles, sec will send letters certified mail.

Marv will get a new flag and stand for inside building.

York county firemen’s convention will be held in borough, August 17  followed by a parade.

Ruthann made motion to adjourn at 8:20 , Don seconded.  Carried,

Respectfully submitted, Juanita Smith, sec.