Meeting Minutes and Agendas

Meeting Minutes, November 6, 2017

January 4, 2018
                              December4, 2017
   The November 6, 2017 Yorkana Borough Council meeting was held at 56 Main st.
   with all members present.
   President Steve Daugherty opened the meeting at 7:30 p.m. with pledge and
   invocation by Lyn.
   secretary reported was submitted: Ruthann made motion to accept, Marv
                                     seconded. Motion carried.
   Treasurers’ report was reviewed: Lyn made motion to accept, Skip seconded
                                    Motion carried.
   Engineer report: Valley Project was not on Block grant list, could be on
                    new list.
   Unfinished business: Hollabaugh hearing, he was warned if no incident
                        within the next 90 days, if he does will be arrested.
   Lyn reported on EMA meeting, need a special needs list of residents.
   Marv reported on Dettinger property pipe repair, waiting on landfill.
   New Business: Budget was prepared for 2018, Skip made motion, Ruthann
                 seconded to adopt a proposed budget of $30,000. Motion
                 carried. Sec. will advertise., for final adoption at
                 December 4, meeting.Real Estate tax will remain at .250 mills.
                 Per capita remains at $20
                 Lyn made motion, Don seconded to renew contract with
                 SPCA for 2018 at a fee of $115. motion carried.
                 Nita will attend information meeting at Donsco, with
                 Planning commission concerning intergovernment land
                 comprehension plan.
   Lyn made motion to pay bills, Skip seconded, carried
   Ruthann made motion to adjourn, Chris seconded, carried.
   Next meeting Dec. 4, 2017
   respectfully submitted, Juanita Smith, SEc.