Meeting Minutes and Agendas

Meetings Minutes for August 3, 2015

January 4, 2016

SEPT. 8, 2015

The August 3, 2015 Borough council meeting was held at the fire hall with
following members present. Mayor Palacios, Ruthann, Christine, Rosalyn,
Steve, Don and Marv.
Absent: Jennifer

President Mcelhenny opened the meeting at 7:30 with Pledge and invocation.

Secretary report was submitted: Ruthann made motion to accept, Christine
seconded. Motion carried.

Treasurer’s Report: Marv made motion to accept, Don seconded, carried.

No Engineer report.

Unfinished business: MS4 nothing new to report, have not received copy yet.

Michael Mcelhenny cannot finish painting curbs due to work schedule.
Roxanne Poff said she may have someone.

Banners, Marv will get price and then approach landfill.

Nims Training – no one has completed theirs yet.

Brad Hengst denied the design for the septic system for Mcelhenny property.

NEW BUSINESS: Discussion on changing ordinace concerning cars.

NIta will be attending Tax Collector seminar for credits.

EYARC: Roxanne Poff(director) was present to explain the merger of rec
orgainizations. We are applying for a $10,000 grant, if all
municipalities participate, the fee for application will be from
$160-$200 per municipality. At this time, Lower Windsor, Hellam twp.,
Hallam Boro, are participates.
Steve made a motion, Ruthann seconded to have Yorkana Boro join the
grant application for $200, Motion carried.

Ruthann made motion to pay bills, Steve seconded, motion carried.

Steve made motion to adjourn, Don seconded, motion carried.

next meeting, Tuesday, Sept. 8

Respectfully Submitted, Ruthann Palacios, Asst. secretary